Ledige Stillinger

CX Designer

By fitbull on December 17, 2019

New technology can be scary.

First you have the innovators and the early adopters. They buy the products unseen and untested. They just want it first, because it’s new.

Then you have the early majority, they just get it.

Eventually the late majority buys it, frankly because they have to.

There is a lot of uncertainty connected to a new product, you might need to download a new app, read a manual, call or ask someone for help in order to make it work.

It would also be great with a reference from a friend, family member, colleague or someone else you trust before you buy it. You really hate spending valuable time, energy or money on a bad product.


BUT, we have considered all this, and we have been thinking (a lot)


What if we were able to make a product that was innovative, powerful, nicely designed, trustable and affordable at the same time? All in one.

And on top of that, a product that can help you to save time, energy and money.  A companion for life.

Wouldn’t that be great?


Well, we have done just that.


Inspired by the great Steve Jobs, here is to the crazy ones and the misfits. We will prove that people with passion can change the world for the better.


We believe that revolutionary power-technology comes in small packages. Say what you want, but size does matter. At least for us.

We have optimized the construction in a way that saves both the environment and your wallet, without compromising functionality and design.

We also wanted to create the feeling of freedom by preventing annoying interruptions in your daily life. Like morning traffic or a crappy product that doesn’t work.

You shouldn’t think or spend time and energy on things that doesn’t matter.

You deserve to live life at its fullest, with the people you care about, doing the things you love.

We strive to remove any obstacles and friction in the customer experience and by creating products that you can rely on, and that just works.


Our products give power and protect your most important keys to freedom.

At the same time, they serve a greater purpose.

They will enable us to save valuable resources by utilizing and distributing energy more efficiently, in your home, street, city, everywhere…


We are challenging the status quo, by reinventing everything.

We are forming our own standard of power.

A more personal way.

A charging robot that takes care of you, your car and your home.

Handcrafted, bottom up. For you. With passion and love from us.


We are really looking forward to show you what we have been up to. Revolutionary power-technology that is developed and manufactured in Norway.

The product launch will be Tuesday, 25th of September.

Stay tuned.


Andre Ledige Stillinger